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(Previously, I held courses and workshops, and lectures on Argentine tango, gave private lessons, and participated in dance performances. I have taken part in several occasions such as festivals, birthday parties, office parties, weddings, feel-good day etc. I'm still a very good teacher, but as a show dancer, I have passed the "best before date". Currently I am not engaged in any business. See below.)


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My address in Spain:

Now: C/ San Bartolomé 122 - 3Q 

From 8th of march: Av. Alcoy 17-3-28

(ES-) 03 560 El Campello


(+34) 965 63 20 73

(0034) 689 952 186

Swedish mobile:

(+46) (0)70-622 27 27

ICE: +46706209006


Nowdays this page is more about me and my personal life - than about tango. If you want to try to read a little, you can try to transalte with: http://translate.google.com/?hl=en#sv|en| (About 80% gets correct and the rest really crazy...) Otherwise, you can just look at the photos.

Dagbok = Diary. Sparad dagbok = Saved (older) diary. Om Christel =About Christel. Om dansen=About the dance (Here I describe the basic steps and some common characters of the tango). At Bonnies Blogg, my dog tells about her life...(Now you can find the newest text from Bonnie's blog at Dagbok.)